As a frequent attendee at different networking events in Montreal, I was most pleased to discover the Montreal Networking Group.  I was delighted to meet a group of varied business people and professionals who were enthousiastic and pleasant.  In addition, I found many opportunities to forge business relationships with new contacts as evidenced by calls and meetings subsequent to the event.  It was truly appreciated to be amongst such distinguished guests and I also applaud the discerning quality of the organizer who has put together such an interesting group.

Karen Michetti, Attorney, President
Spettro Consultants Inc.


The event at 737 was my third event hosted by the Montreal Networking Group. First off the organizers have chosen great locations, never the same dull thing always fresh new and exciting. Secondly, the crowd  is ever changing keeping it a great way to meet and converse with new people. Finally, I find that its a melting pot of different industries giving people the chance to learn and hear about other growing markets and sectors.

Vikram Mudhar, Analyste Senior
Banque Nationale du Canada