Code of Conduct

The goal of Montreal Networking Group is to provide an environment for likeminded business individuals to develop professional relationships and to explore new business opportunities. Our objective is to assist with the growth of our members business networking and professional capabilities.

All Members attending Montreal Networking Group events are guided by a code of conduct and ethics which supports our business interactions.

1. Members will always observe the highest principles of honesty, courteously and fair practice towards other attendees of our events.

2. Members will attend meetings for the purpose of conducting business relevant to their full-time field, and will exemplify high standards of professional behaviour in their field of work.

3. Members will treat all information concerning the business affairs of other members, gathered during our events, as strictly confidential.

4. We don’t allow participation of Multi-level marketing (MLM) programs, such as pyramid selling, network marketing and referral marketing, and all similar programs where the revenue of the MLM Company is derived from a non-salaried workforce, also called participants, distributors, promoters or independent business owners, etc. Make sure your business model follows the guidelines below. If it doesn’t, it may result in suspension of your attendance privileges.

  • Our guidelines
    • Multi-level marketing:
      This includes any business where one receives income from their own sales of products and/or services and income from their recruited members.
    • Pyramid schemes:
      These schemes mainly ignore the actual selling of products and services, and focus on the income they may earn by recruiting new distributors.

Acceptance of this Code is mandatory for all members attending any meetings conducted by Montreal Networking Group. Failure to abide by the Code will result in disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the Group.

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